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Dana-Farber and our affiliated physicians are contracted with an extensive list of local and national health plans and participate as in-network of providers. Even if your plan is listed below, it is important to learn how your benefits will apply at Dana-Farber. Many health plans require primary care physician (PCP) referrals and/or health plan authorizations for coverage of health care services. Most health plans require patients to pay for a portion of their health care services.

We encourage you to contact your health plan to better understand these details.

If your health plan requires a PCP referral, we recommend that you reach out to your PCP to initiate the process of obtaining a PCP referral and approval for services at Dana-Farber.

Accepted Insurance Plans

Dana-Farber may not be in-network for all products offered by these health plans. This list is not specific to individual product offerings and is subject to change.

Health Plan Companies

Aetna Open Access HMO/POS
Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA
Blue Cross Blue Shield New England/Access Blue New England
CIGNA/Tufts CareLink
Community Health Options
Harvard Pilgrim HMO/POS*
Mass General Brigham Health Plan*
Tufts HMO/POS*
UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus
WellSense Health Plan Massachusetts (formerly known as Boston Medical Center)

Stem Cell Transplant and Cellular Therapy Networks

Aetna Institutes of Excellence
CIGNA LifeSource
Coventry Transplant Network
Health Value Management/Humana
INTERLINK Health Services
OptumHealth Care Solutions
Protocol Tertiary Networks

Senior Care Options and One Care (combined Medicare and MassHealth)

Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA)
Fallon Navicare
Tufts Health Public Plans Unify
Senior Whole Health
WellSense Senior Care Options

Government Programs

Health Safety Net
Medicare A&B, Managed Medicare or Medicaid***

*These payers have products such as HPHC Elevate, MGBHP Value HMO, and Tufts Direct that limit access to in-network hospitals, and Dana-Farber is not in-network. Please check with your health plan to verify that Dana-Farber is in-network for your specific health plan product and if referrals are required from your PCP.

**Dana-Farber is in-network with the following MassHealth plans. Most plans require a PCP referral to come to Dana-Farber. If you have questions about your MassHealth plan, including if you are interested in changing your health plan product, you can refer to their website,, or call 800-841-2900.

  • Fallon Atrius Health ACO
  • Mass General Brigham Health Plan with MGB ACO
  • MassHealth PCC
  • MassHealth PCC with Comm Care Coop (C3)
  • MassHealth PCC with Steward ACO
  • Tufts Health Together Cambridge Health Alliance ACO
  • Tufts Health Together MCO
  • Tufts Health Together UMass Memorial Health ACO
  • WellSense Health Plan BIDCO ACO
  • WellSense Health Plan Boston Children's ACO
  • WellSense Health Plan Community Alliance ACO
  • WellSense Health Plan East Boston Neighborhood Health ACO
  • WellSense Health Plan MassHealth MCO
  • WellSense Health Plan Mercy Alliance ACO
  • WellSense Health Plan Signature Alliance ACO
  • WellSense Health Plan Southcoast Alliance ACO
  • WellSense Health Plan Tufts Medicine ACO

***If you have Medicare Part A only, you will need to enroll in Medicare Part B to be covered for outpatient services at Dana-Farber. If your health plan is a Managed Medicare or Medicaid product, please check with your health plan to confirm that Dana-Farber is in-network.

If your product is not listed or if you are unsure whether your health plan will cover services at Dana-Farber, please contact your health plan using the number located on the back of your health plan insurance card.

International Health Plans

GMMI, Inc.
Quality Health Management (QHM)
For international patients, Dana-Farber works collaboratively with Brigham and Women’s Hospital in caring for adult patients, and with Boston Children's Hospital in caring for pediatric patients. Through these relationships, we ensure that clinical care, travel, and logistics are coordinated across our organizations. To hear more details, please contact International Financial Clearance at 857-215-3013.

Understanding Your Insurance Policy

Each insurance policy is different; you should contact your health plan to understand the details of your specific policy. They can inform you of the important details related to your coverage for your care provided by Dana-Farber, such as in-network and out-of-network coverage, PCP referral requirements, and expected financial responsibility, including copays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximum expenses.

Dana-Farber will bill your insurance company, then bill you directly for your out-of-pocket responsibility and services not covered by your health plan based on information and remittance we receive from your health plan.

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company

Use these questions as a guide when you talk to your insurance company about your coverage:

  • What type of insurance plan (HMO, POS, PPO) do you have?
    • For HMO/POS plans, confirm that the PCP on file with your health plan and Dana-Farber is accurate and update if necessary.
  • Do you have more than one health plan coverage?
    • If you have more than one health plan coverage, confirm that all health plans and Dana-Farber have accurately ordered your primary and secondary coverage. This is referred to as Coordination of Benefits (COB).
    • Some health plans require their members to provide specific documentation of the COB and may not cover services until this is completed.
  • Is Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in-network with your health plan and product?
    • Your health plan may ask for Dana-Farber's NPI or tax ID number:
      • NPI: 1851333686
      • Tax ID: 04-2263040
    • Does your plan require a PCP referral?
    • Do you have benefit coverage to receive out-of-network services? Does my PCP need to submit a request for approval to cover services at Dana-Farber?
    • What is your out-of-pocket expense, including co-pays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximum expenses? Does this differ for in-network compared to out-of-network? If so, would your health plan consider covering your care at Dana-Farber at the in-network financial responsibility level?
  • Will you be covered for any testing, pathology, or radiology services that may be incurred as part of your initial consultation with a Dana-Farber physician?
  • Does your insurance plan cover treatment (including chemotherapy) administered in the clinic?
  • Does your health plan offer any additional coverage for travel and lodging benefits for transplant or cellular therapy services — through special networks or programs?

Other Partnering Providers

A portion of your care may be provided by one of our clinical partners, which is specific to your Dana-Farber location. In Boston, Dana-Farber is very closely aligned with Brigham and Women's Hospital and Boston Children's Hospital. We also provide adult services at several satellite locations. Each provider will work with you in understanding your health plan coverage for their services.

How We Help

Our Financial Counselors are ready to guide you every step of the way as you consider Dana-Farber. Whether you have questions about coverage, price estimates, or MassHealth applications, a Financial Counselor can help you sort through the details and steps needed to make your financial arrangements go smoothly. Our Financial Counselors can be reached at or 617-582-9820.

If you have questions about a bill/statement or would like to set up a payment plan, please contact one of our Patient Billing Solutions representatives via email at or at 617-632-3795. Patients may set up a zero-interest monthly payment plan for any balance over $100, even a bill for a health insurance co-payment, co-insurance, or deductible. Payment plans' duration is limited based on the total active amount owed to Dana-Farber.

    Dana-Farber's Patient Financial Assistance program helps patients who don't have the ability to pay for their health care. Please call a Patient Billing Solutions representative at 617-632-3795 if you think you may have difficulty paying for your medical bills.

    Dana-Farber’s Financial Counselors can help patients and potential patients create a cost estimate, as well as answer any questions about your cost estimate or financial responsibility. Our Financial Counselors can be reached at 617-582-9820 or You can also generate a self-service estimate for select services by using our web-based online cost estimate tool.

    Dana-Farber's Financial Counselors can help you sort through the details and steps needed to make your financial arrangements go smoothly, including any questions you have about charges and your financial responsibility. To understand your estimated charges, use our online cost estimate tool and/or contact a Financial Counselor at 617-582-9820 or

    In compliance with CMS Price Transparency regulation requirements, we have made our machine-readable file available for viewing by insurance and hospital researchers and developers to better understand hospital charges.

    Dana-Farber's Pediatric Resource Program provides resource assistance to eligible families whose children are currently receiving treatment at Dana-Farber/Boston Children's Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.

    Dana-Farber patients and caregivers have access to financial planners free of charge through collaboration with the Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts. To learn more, contact your social worker, resource specialist, or patient navigator, or call 617-632-3301.