Integrative Research Centers


In 2003, Dana-Farber mapped out a research strategic plan to promote the clinical application of our understanding about the molecular characteristics of cancer while furthering work that generates that fundamental knowledge.

The creation of cross-cutting integrative research centers addresses the steps from basic discovery to clinical application, complementing the scientific work accomplished through academic departments.

The integrative research centers participate in a rigorous process of goal setting, progress monitoring, and performance metrics. They are an Institute-wide experiment to see if this kind of results-driven strategy can be successful alongside traditional, open-ended, investigator-driven research.

Blais Proteomics Center

Center for Biomedical Imaging in Oncology

Center for BRCA and Related Genes

Center for Cancer Genomics

Center for Cancer Systems Biology

Center for Clinical and Translational Research

Center for DNA Damage and Repair

Center for Functional Cancer Epigenetics

Center for Patient Derived Models (CPDM)

Center for Personal Cancer Vaccines (CPCV)

Chemical Biology Program

Hale Family Center for Pancreatic Cancer Research

McGraw/Patterson Center for Population Sciences

Perini Family Survivors' Center

Robert and Renée Belfer Center for Applied Cancer Science