Blais Proteomics Center

Director: Jarrod Marto, PhD

Jarrod Marto, PhD

The Blais Proteomics Center, directed by Jarrod Marto, PhD, develops and applies state-of-the-art proteomics, informatics, and related technologies for direct interrogation of protein expression, modification, and function in response to biological perturbation in cell-based models of human cancer and primary tissues. The Center works with other Dana-Farber integrative research centers in large-scale studies designed to leverage disparate capabilities in pursuit of novel, in-depth, and otherwise unattainable insights into human biology and disease.

Analytical capabilities in the Blais Proteomics Center include advanced protein and ultra-high-pressure peptide separations, chemical- and affinity-based enrichment techniques, along with multiple mass spectrometry platforms, including MALDI TOF/TOF, linear ion trap, Orbitrap, and quadrupole TOF instruments. In addition, bioinformatics engineers provide customized desktop and web-based software tools for the analysis of proteomics data within the context of biological pathways and networks.

Capabilities at the Blais Proteomics Center are deployed at multiple levels, including fee-for-service, focused hypothesis-driven research collaborations, and large-scale discovery or systems-level projects. Scientists in the Center routinely consult with faculty throughout Dana-Farber in planning experiments and interpreting results. Blais members also contribute to the teaching mission at Harvard Medical School and participate in outreach activities designed to introduce and train young scientists and others who may not otherwise have access to these advanced technologies.