Center for DNA Damage and Repair

Drs. D'Andrea and Shapiro Receive Claire W. and Richard P. Morse Awards

The Claire W. and Richard P. Morse Awards recognize Dana-Farber faculty, one basic researcher and one clinical researcher, who have advanced our scientific understanding of cancer. This year’s recipients are Alan D. D’Andrea, MD, (Basic Award) Geoffrey Shapiro, MD, PhD (Clinical Award). Together, they oversee the overall basic scientific and translational activities of the Center for DNA Damage Repair.

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The Center for DNA Damage and Repair (CDDR) explores the various DNA repair defects in human cancers which underlie genomic instability. A better understanding of these DNA repair defects will lead to improved diagnostic methods for predicting the best course of cytotoxic chemotherapy and radiation for a given cancer patient ("precision" or "personalized" medicine). Studies conducted in the Center will also facilitate the development of new classes of anti-cancer drugs, such as DNA Repair inhibitors and Cell Cycle inhibitors.

The Center for DNA Damage and Repair will function as a central resource for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in supporting unbiased and hypothesis-driven cancer research involving DNA repair biology. CDDR will collaborate with both basic researchers and clinicians to develop innovative research involving DNA damage and DNA repair experimentation.

CDDR employs a wide range of technologies relevant to the measurement of DNA damage response in primary human cancers and cell lines, including cytotoxicity measurements, radiation sensitivity testing, and proteomic biomarker measurements. These methodologies will be especially helpful to Dana-Farber researchers working in related fields of cancer biology, as well as to the Institute's clinical investigators developing new drugs for cancers with specific underlying DNA repair defects. The CDDR includes faculty and staff scientists with a broad knowledge of DNA repair biology, biomarker development, and drug testing.

CDDR is led by Director Alan D'Andrea, MD, and Clinical Director Geoffrey Shapiro, MD, PhD, who oversee the overall basic scientific and translational activities of the Center and report to the Chief Scientific Officer/Office of the President and the CDDR Oversight Committee. Drs. D'Andrea and Shapiro work with a larger faculty team of PIs from Dana-Farber's Departments of Medical OncologyPediatric Oncology, and Radiation Oncology.

CDDR Director Alan D'Andrea, MD, is an expert in the area of DNA repair and genomic stability.
CDDR Clinical Director Geoffrey Shapiro, MD, PhD, is an expert in early anti-cancer drug development.