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  • Dana-Farber Cancer Care Collaborative

    Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's Cancer Care Collaborative

    Both the Dana-Farber Cancer Care Collaborative and the Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's Cancer Care Collaborative serve a select group of hospitals that have demonstrated a commitment to excellence by meeting a wide range of standards and best practices in adult medical and/or radiation oncology.

    To certify a hospital's membership, Dana-Farber clinicians and other specialists conduct an extensive and rigorous review of the hospital's oncology practices and procedures, including:

    • Patient safety protocols
    • Nursing and pharmacy practices
    • Chemotherapy administration
    • Information systems

    Following review of their oncology operations, Collaborative members agree to implement key recommendations in order to meet Dana-Farber standards.

    Benefits of Collaborative membership

    Dana-Farber Collaborative membership enhances educational opportunities for member hospitals' staffs; offers opportunities for members to consult with medical specialists at Dana-Farber in Boston; and provides members with expedited access to Dana-Farber's main campus in Boston for their patients with complex cancers. Members can also take advantage of access to Dana-Farber support services, such as on-site specialty second opinion clinics, clinical trials, tumor board conferences, and physician lectures.

    Dana-Farber is not responsible for the care provided at these locations.

    Members of the Dana-Farber Cancer Care Collaborative — Adult Medical Oncology

    Members of the Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's Cancer Care Collaborative — Adult Medical and Radiation Oncology

    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Lifespan Cancer Institute Strategic Alliance

    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Lifespan Cancer Institute in Rhode Island have created a strategic alliance to advance cancer treatment and research. Dana-Farber and Lifespan will support the expansion of clinical trials, access for Lifespan physicians to cancer-specific disease expertise for complex cases, and the launch of a new program to coordinate the treatment of bone marrow transplant patients, with transplants provided in Boston at Dana-Farber and care surrounding the transplant provided at Lifespan Cancer Institute in Providence. The two organizations will share patient information through their respective cancer-specific electronic health record systems and will use the same clinical trials management platform, resulting in better care coordination.

    Strategic alliance member

    Lifespan Cancer Institute, Rhode Island


    Boao Evergrande International Hospital, Hainan Province, China

    Boao Evergrande International Hospital specializes in oncology, with an initial focus on breast cancer. Brigham Health and Dana-Farber leaders, administrators, and clinicians have been advising Evergrande on hospital planning and health care network development, including both clinical and operational guidance.

    Grupo Oncoclínicas, São Paulo, Brazil

    Dana-Farber is helping to develop a network of five comprehensive cancer centers across Brazil. The agreement bolsters a relationship that Dana-Farber and Oncoclínicas have had for several years, focusing on clinical education and training.