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  • Domestic Relationships

    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute pursues various types of relationships with community providers to expand access to clinical trials, education, and programmatic support. Our ultimate goal is to build lasting relationships and improve clinical care for all patients. Dana-Farber classifies these relationships in three ways: Dana-Farber Cancer Care Collaborative Member, Strategic Alliance, and Enhanced Collaboration.

    Cancer Care Collaborative Member

    The Dana-Farber Cancer Care Collaborative includes a select group of hospitals that have demonstrated a commitment to excellence by meeting a wide range of standards and best practices in adult medical and/or radiation oncology.

    To certify a hospital's membership in the collaborative, Dana-Farber clinicians and specialists conduct an extensive and rigorous review of the hospital's oncology practices and procedures, including patient safety protocols, nursing and pharmacy practices, chemotherapy administration, and information systems. Following review of their oncology operations, Collaborative Members agree to implement key recommendations in order to meet Dana-Farber standards. As such, once an organization meets those rigorous standards, Dana-Farber endorses the Collaborative Members’ programs through use of the Dana-Farber Collaborative Mark brand endorsement process.

    The purpose of the Dana-Farber Collaborative membership is to enhance educational opportunities for member hospitals’ clinicians, enhance quality and patient-centered care, offer opportunities to consult with medical specialists at Dana-Farber in Boston, and provide expedited access to Dana-Farber for patients with complex cancers. Collaborative Members have access to a variety of services, customizable to their specific needs such as Direct Connect patient concierge, virtual consults and second opinions, research and clinical trials access, network case conferences, physician trainings, observerships, Learning at Dana-Farber, virtual lectures and symposia, nursing support and education, program development assistance, and business strategy assistance.

    Strategic Alliance

    Dana-Farber’s Strategic Alliance relationships are driven by providing patients with specialized services and fostering increased clinical excellence in care delivery. A Strategic Alliance is an unbranded and customizable relationship tailored to fit the needs of the organization. Strategic Alliance services may include virtual consults and second opinions, access to our online Learning at Dana-Farber platform, Direct Connect patient concierge service, physician mentorship opportunities, program development assistance, strategic planning and cancer service line growth assistance, and access to select research and clinical trials.

    Enhanced Collaboration

    In some instances, it is most appropriate for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and a collaborating organization to work more closely together to better align goals and enhance outcomes. As such, Dana-Farber will work with an organization to transform their cancer service line via development of a Joint Venture (through creation of a new company) or Joint Operating Agreement (through management of an existing entity). These relationships have all of the requirements in place of a Collaborative Member but also require Dana-Farber expertise to be continuously and actively involved in operations and clinical care.

    Partners also have the opportunity to gain access to the Dana-Farber collaborative mark and brand endorsement. If pursued, Dana-Farber clinicians and specialists conduct a thorough review of the hospital’s oncology practices and procedures, including patient safety protocols, nursing and pharmacy practices, chemotherapy administration and information systems. Following review of their oncology operations, partners agree to implement key recommendations to meet Dana-Farber standards and thus, gain access to the collaborative mark and brand endorsement.

    Current Domestic Relationships

    Collaborative Members
    Strategic Alliances
    Enhanced Collaborations

    Dana-Farber is not responsible for the care provided at these locations.

    Contact Information, Domestic Relationships
    Greg Calosso
    Senior Director, Business Initiatives and Alliances

    International Relationships

    As a global leader in oncology, Dana-Farber is dedicated to a unique and equal balance of clinical care and research, translating the results of discovery into new treatments for patients locally and around the world. As part of our mission to alleviate the burden of cancer worldwide, Dana-Farber has established strategic collaborations with international organizations to further develop in-country oncology expertise.

    As part of these strategic collaborations, international sites gain access to a wide range of services ranging from multidisciplinary clinical program development, clinician education and training, hospital operations advising, telemedicine services, research program development, Dana-Farber Pathways in Oncology, and quality and patient safety program planning. These collaboration services are provided by the same Dana-Farber oncology experts who take care of patients and lead hospital operations in Boston.

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  • Current International Relationships (as of August 2021)

    Contact Information, International Relationships
    Katya Losk, MPH
    Director, International Strategic Initiatives