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Dana-Farber's Legislative Action Network (LAN) brings together people like you to advocate for legislation and public policies that improve the lives of cancer patients, cancer survivors and their families. Along with the members of our network, we advocate for cancer-related issues such as cancer prevention and early detection, strengthening funding for cancer research, improving access to cancer therapies, eliminating disparities in cancer care and clinical trials and equity focused solution to address social determinants of health.

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You can make a difference simply by signing up for the LAN. When you do, you will receive our monthly newsletter, special invitations to advocacy events and occasional email alerts about cancer legislation that may need your advocacy. Your voice and participation can help to inform elected officials, as well as the future of cancer research and care.

Start by entering your email address below. Then we’ll ask a few quick questions to tailor your experience.

Dana-Farber encourages staff to use their personal email addresses when joining the Legislative Action Network (LAN), but it is not required. The LAN supports Dana-Farber's priorities and does not engage in partisan political activity.

No advocacy experience is required. You can get involved and make a difference by simply picking up the phone or sending an email. If you join us, we will send you occasional email alerts asking you to contact your elected officials to support specific legislation or public policies that could have an impact on cancer prevention, care and research. Please join us. Every voice makes a difference.

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