Quality and Patient Safety


Dana-Farber is dedicated to safe, effective, compassionate, patient-centered care. Quality and patient safety are at the core of our mission and vision. We are a world leader in providing and measuring quality care, and advancing safe and efficient practices.

Improving and Innovating

Dana-Farber uses innovative methods for educating patients and staff, creating and demonstrating the best standards for care delivery, and improving clinical quality and efficiency.

Measuring Quality and Safety

Dana-Farber tracks a variety of performance measures to assess patient safety and quality of care. We set standards for our own practices and measure ourselves against other comprehensive cancer centers nationwide. In this section you will find various measures of quality and safety that illustrate our focus on providing efficient, effective, patient-centered, safe, and timely care.

Creating a Culture of Quality and Safety

Dana-Farber's culture of quality and safety goes hand in hand with our world-recognized leadership in patient/family centered care. Our patients and family members have a voice in major decisions affecting patient care, and the opportunity to suggest improvements.

We also engage staff members in quality improvement and patient safety by offering opportunities to participate in improvement practices.

Leadership Team

Our Department of Quality and Patient Safety includes a multidisciplinary team of professionals and innovative thinkers who plan the best and safest ways to deliver care, measure the quality of care, address areas of concern, and help shape a culture that is patient-centered and always improving.

Contact Us

To contact the Department of Quality and Patient Safety, email patient_safety@dfci.harvard.edu.