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Landscape 30-9

  • Landscape 30-9 by Lianghong Feng
  • Lianghong Feng
    Landscape 30-9, 2009
    Acrylic on canvas
    54 x 68 inches

    Born in Shanghai, China in 1962, Lianghong Feng produces lush abstract paintings inspired by ancient Chinese philosophy, calligraphy, Eastern and Western art history, and urban graffiti. He often begins with a naturalistic landscape, which he then partially obscures with an overlay of abstract marks - broad brushstrokes, scribbles, drips, and splatters.

    Lianghong Feng defies categorizations of his work, a Zen-like position that acknowledges a natural inclination to define works of art in concrete terms, while also embracing the freedom to approach his practice with originality and without preconditions.

    Considered one of China's leading contemporary voices in Abstract Expressionism, Feng’s works are included in prestigious collections and international and museum exhibitions including Brot Hulger Kunstalle, Vienna; Beijing World Art Museum, Today Art Museum, Yonghe Art Museum and Yuan Art Museum, Beijing; and Perdue University, Indiana, among others.

    Landscape can be viewed in the Charles A. Dana Building, main lobby.