75 Years. One Mission.

When Sidney Farber, MD, founded the Children's Cancer Research Foundation 75 years ago, he gave a newfound sense of hope to young patients with cancer and their loved ones, and set the course for a mission dedicated to the research and care of cancer for all patients.

He also gave rise to what would become one of our community's most cherished organizations with a global reputation for excellence. For 75 years, Dana-Farber has cared for patients with expertise and compassion, forged new frontiers in cancer research, and provided a sanctuary for bright and curious minds to pursue their passions.

As we mark the 75-year anniversary of this amazing organization, we can take pride that we remain anchored by the core principles of Sidney Farber's mission: to make scientific discoveries and turn them into life-saving treatments. Equipped with that sense of pride and breadth of knowledge and skill we've gained, we can look boldly ahead to the future, filled with an enduring sense of hope for all the possibilities that lie ahead to help patients everywhere who are counting on us.

Together, we continue the great promise of this organization, and continue our progress to reduce the burden of cancer for all.

— Laurie H. Glimcher, MD
Dana-Farber President and CEO

"I have never accepted the incurability of cancer. And, I have remained hopeful, not because of wishful thinking — that's not progress — but because of the factual evidence of progress." — Sidney Farber, MD

Dana-Farber's 75th Anniversary Kickoff

Watch our celebration of Dana-Farber's milestone anniversary — 75 years of research, discovery, and exceptional care dedicated to eliminating cancer in children and adults.


Ironworkers Paint to Cheer Children with Cancer

During construction of the Yawkey Center in 2009, ironworkers spray-painted the names of some of our young patients onto the building's steel beams. Today, some of those names are still visible in a specially created corner of the Yawkey Center. Watch the video and learn more about this heartwarming story on our blog.