Adult Survivorship Program Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be seen in the Adult Survivorship Program?

The Adult Survivorship Program is open to all adult patients (age 21 or older) who have completed cancer treatment, regardless of when or where they received treatment. We offer care for survivors of any cancer diagnosis, as well as disease-specific services.

When should I come to the adult survivorship program?

You are welcome to start visiting the Adult Survivorship Program as soon as you complete active cancer treatment. For the purpose of the adult survivorship program, the transition from cancer patient to cancer survivor occurs when a patient completes active treatment. Many patients may still be taking medications, such as hormonal therapies for breast cancer, and they are welcome in our program.

How are patients referred to the program?

To visit the Adult Survivorship Program, patients can self-refer, be referred by their primary oncologist, or get a referral from another provider, such as a primary care physician or an oncologist outside of Dana-Farber.

Will my health insurance cover my visit?

In many cases, yes. Dana-Farber's Financial Information Services can help answer questions about payment and approval needed for your appointment. To learn more, call Financial Information Services at 617-632-3455.

What do I need to do before my visit to the clinic?

Your clinic provider will need to review your medical records. If you did not receive cancer treatment at Dana-Farber, you’ll need to contact the hospital where you received treatment and request that your treatment history be sent to the clinic.

Medical records can be sent to:
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Adult Survivorship Program
450 Brookline Ave.
Boston, MA 02215

You’ll also need to complete some forms, which we will send to you before you visit. You can mail these forms back to the clinic or bring them with you to your appointment.