Cancer Genetics and Prevention Research

Why take part in a genetic research study?

While most genetic disorders cannot be cured, genetic research has provided – and continues to provide – new and improved treatments for individuals found to have genetic mutations associated with disease. Through continued research, doctors and scientists hope to provide more personalized disease treatments, while improving the speed and accuracy of genetic testing.

Progress in the identification of cancer genes and genetic syndromes, and in the management of individuals who have increased cancer risk, all comes from cancer research. Participation in clinical trials provides individuals with an opportunity to volunteer to become part of genetic research in a meaningful way. For those who elect to take part, clinical trials may provide access to new drugs and treatments, as well as closer monitoring by health care professionals.

Below is a list of our current genetics and prevention trials and studies:

Breast Cancer Prevention Studies

Colon Cancer Studies

Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Research

Lung Cancer Studies

Lynch Syndrome Research

Ovarian Cancer Prevention Studies

Pancreatic Cancer Studies

Genetic Studies