Liver Cancer Clinical Trials and Research

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Clinical trials are imperative to cancer research and treatment. Our physician-scientists are committed to conducting studies to help answer the disease's most pressing and potentially life-saving questions.

The Liver Cancer Center is proud to currently lead the world's largest hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) prevention study. This study will follow thousands of patients world-wide whom possess known liver cancer risk factors. Participants are followed over time to help experts understand who is most at risk and identify which risk factors have the greatest effect on disease development and prognosis. The study will also help establish the best ways to screen patients and, if diagnosed, the most effective treatment.

This revolutionary study is a cornerstone of the Liver Cancer Center. To learn more about this study, please call 617-632-4500.

Current liver cancer clinical trials enrolling patients include:

See a complete list of our current liver cancer clinical trials (enter "liver cancer" in the search bar).