Our Liver Cancer Center Team

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At the Liver Cancer Center, our dedicated experts work together across a range of specialty areas to coordinate fully integrated, personalized care. Team members are actively involved in research to advance the treatment options and our understanding of this disease.

In addition to a multidisciplinary group of physicians, your treatment team includes physician assistants (PAs), nurse practitioners (NPs), and clinical and research nurses. Laboratory investigators, clinical care coordinators, clinical social workers, and nutritionists are also integral members of your care team.


Thomas Abrams, MD
Director, Liver Cancer Center
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Interventional Radiology

Paul Shyn, MD

Our interventional radiologists use the latest techniques including radioembolization and radiofrequency ablation. They hold a weekly conference to evaluate patients with liver metastases to determine the best treatment options.


Nikroo Hashemi, MD, MPH

Our gastroenterologists are using innovative advanced endoscopic techniques to evaluate tumors. We have expertise in removing early-stage lesions with endoscopy.


Jiping Wong, MD, PhD

Our surgeons use the newest approaches, including sphincter-saving surgery for rectal cancer patients, robotic surgery, and minimally-invasive surgery.


Lei Zhao, MD, PhD

Our pathologists work closely with our Center for Advanced Molecular Diagnostics to get a complete picture of a tumor in order to direct the appropriate therapy.

Radiation Oncology

Our radiation oncologists are discovering better combinations of radiation and systemic therapies and have identified biomarkers for the response to treatment.

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