Contact Information and Locations for Imaging

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Imaging Appointments and Questions


We want you to feel comfortable with your treatment. If you have any questions, please call the appropriate number.

Schedule an appointment: 617-632-4444

Administration: 617-632-4891

Dana-Farber's Mammography Van: 617-632-1974

Reception Desks

Longwood Campus

Front Desk (Dana Building, Floor L1): 617-632-3215

MRI (Dana Building, Floor L1): 617-632-3004

MRI (Dana Building, Floor 3): 617-632-5531

Nuclear Medicine (Dana Building, Floor L2): 617-632-3223

Chestnut Hill Campus

3rd Floor: 617-485-5668

4th Floor: 617-485-5510


Longwood Campus

  • Breast imaging, CT, MRI, ultrasonography, radiography, and the Image Library are located in the Dana Building, Floor L1 (one floor below the Lobby level)
  • Nuclear Medicine and PET-CT, and theranostics are located in the Dana Building, Floor L2 (two floors below the Lobby level)

Chestnut Hill Campus

  • CT and radiography are located on the 3rd Floor
  • MRI, breast imaging, and ultrasonography are located on the 4th Floor