Our Approach to Melanoma Treatment

We know it can be time-consuming to make multiple trips to Boston for different treatments. At the Center for Melanoma Oncology, patients are able to arrange to see oncologists, surgeons, dermatologists, and other specialists on the same day.

Each week, our team of specialists reviews patient cases and works together to decide how best to treat each one.

Clinical Trials

The Center for Melanoma Oncology has a variety of clinical trials available for patients. Our trials include cutting-edge immunotherapy, chemotherapy, vaccines, and novel targeted therapies to treat Stage III and IV melanoma.

Some studies are sponsored by external pharmaceutical companies, and others are developed in Dana-Farber's research labs.

These clinical trials allow us to provide a broad range of treatment options for high-risk melanoma patients or patients with metastatic disease in a way that best fits the needs of each individual patient.

Support Services

Treatment for melanoma impacts more than the body. Our patients have access to psychiatrists and psychologists, social workers, palliative care specialists, sexual health experts, and many other support specialists, programs, and services.