Melanoma Clinical Research and Trials

Clinical Trials Questions?


Dana-Farber Brigham Cancer Center offers a number of melanoma clinical trials. Our trials include studies in cutting-edge immunotherapy, chemotherapy, vaccines, and novel targeted therapies to treat Stage III and IV melanoma.

Clinical research is a vital aspect of our mission. Our research not only gives current patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials offering promising new treatments, but also aims to improve the lives of future generations of people with melanoma.

We believe clinical research has a direct effect on clinical care, and our clinicians are actively involved in research. When questions arise in the clinic, clinician-researchers can answer them through clinical trials, and take the new knowledge back to the clinic where it can benefit patients.

We aim to provide a broad range of options for high-risk melanoma patients or patients with metastatic disease, so that patients can be matched in trials that best fit their needs. Patients also have access to studies developed by specialists at other US medical centers.