Center for Cancer Therapeutic Innovation Team

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The Center for Cancer Therapeutic Innovation (CCTI) treatment team comprises a multidisciplinary group of medical oncologists, nursing staff, and researchers who specialize in designing, conducting, and analyzing clinical trials of experimental medicines to ensure that your treatment is closely monitored and safe.

The group also includes radiologists, cardiologists, dermatologists, and other specialists who specialize in aspects of care and treatment related to new drugs and treatment strategies. Our oncologists are all specialists who understand and treat unique cancer types to be able to advise and help make treatment decisions in the context of all options for your specific situation.

CCTI Faculty

Glenn Hanna, MD, Director (Head and Neck Oncology)
Elizabeth Buchbinder, MD (Melanoma)
Charlene Mantia, MD (Genitourinary Oncology)
Antonio Giordano MD, PhD (Breast Oncology)
Michael Dennis, MD (Head and Neck Oncology)
Elizabeth K. Lee, MD (Gynecologic Oncology)
Haeseong Park, MD, MPH (Gastrointestinal Oncology)
Ugonma Chukwueke, MD (Neuro-Oncology)
Candace Haddox, MD (Sarcoma)
Alok K. Tewari, MD, PhD (Genitourinary Oncology)
Geoffrey Shapiro, MD, PhD, Senior Vice President, Developmental Therapeutics (all solid tumors)

Administrative Director

Emily Silverman

Associate Director of Research Collaborations

Andrew Acevedo, PhD

Advanced Practice Provider

Dan Gorman, NP-C, ACHPN, OCN
Jennifer Lardner, MPH, PA-C

Research Nurses

Maggie Malsch, RN (Research Nursing Director)
Anna Yearwood, BSN, RN
Kailene O’Neil, RN
Hayley Grimes, BSN, RN
Emily Treveloni, BSN, RN
Sarah Combs, BSN, RN
Florylene Leano Capulong, RN
Celia Speth, RN
Allison Bennett, BSN

Oncology Nurse Navigator

Kailene Sullivan

Clinical Research Manager

Sarah Kelland

Senior Regulatory Operations Manager

Karly Griffin

Regulatory Coordinators

Solida Pruitt-Thompson
Liz Downey
Natasha Isaac
Mano Mylsamy
Allison Valencia
Katherine Cunningham
Raissa Nadira Rodrigues
Seo Won Kim

Informed Consent Form Writer

Judith Alpin
Kelly Bien

Clinical Research Coordinators

Brian Rasp
Mary (Mimi) Liebers
Francesca McDonald
Alissa Skavish
Daniel Kent
Kyle Beaupre
Marissa Ziolkowski
Lesly Duke
Colleen Donahue
Abigail Goldberg
Jasmine Matsumoto
Hanna Lord

Project Manager

Zachary Medeiros

Research Data Specialists

Illya Dixon
Devan Stone
Amanda Rainboth
Allison Ferro

Translation Research Data Specialist

Hanna Bussey