Skin Cancer

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Expert Care and Treatment for Cutaneous Skin Cancers

The Cutaneous (Skin) Cancer Treatment Center includes professionals who focus on non-melanoma skin cancer.

Your care team will collaborate to develop a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan that offers the most advanced therapies and an array of supportive resources. 

Cutaneous (Skin) Cancer Treatment Center

What Is Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer forms in tissues of the skin. Basal cell or squamous cell cancer forms in cells that do not make pigment. Both types usually occur in skin that has been exposed to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight or tanning beds, most commonly on the face, neck, hands, and arms and legs.

Skin cancers are more common than all other cancers combined, and, collectively, their incidence is rising faster than that of any other cancer.

Why Choose Us

The Cutaneous (Skin) Cancer Treatment Center at Dana-Farber Brigham Cancer Center provide comprehensive services to patients with these cancers, including:  

  • A dedicated Center of Excellence 
  • An individualized therapy plan for your specific needs 
  • Access to the latest clinical trials
  • Multidisciplinary care delivered by specialists from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham and Women’s Hospital 

Learn about skin cancer and find information on how our team of experts support and care for people with skin cancer before, during, and after treatment.

The following information is from the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

More Information About Skin Cancer