Vulvar Cancer

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Expert Care and Treatment for Gynecologic Cancers

The Gynecologic Oncology Program is a leader in research and care for patients with gynecologic cancers.

Your care team will collaborate to develop a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan that offers the most advanced therapies and an array of supportive resources. 

Gynecologic Oncology Program

What Is Vulvar Cancer?

At the Susan F. Smith Center for Women's Cancers Gynecologic Oncology Program, we have a team of experienced gynecologic cancer specialists that works together to provide comprehensive and compassionate care for patients with vulvar cancer. We are passionately committed to providing every patient with the best and most personalized treatment options available, taking advantage of the full range of resources and services of a top-ranked cancer hospital and research center. 

Why Choose Us 

  • A team of gynecologic oncology specialists who diagnose and treat dozens of patients with vulvar cancer, and who are setting treatment guidelines for other physicians around the world. 
  • Minimally-invasive surgical techniques, including laser surgery and sentinel lymph node evaluation, that preserve healthy tissue, reduce recovery time, and minimize surgical risk. 
  • Clinical trials for vulvar cancer, which may not be available elsewhere. 
  • Pioneering research, including a recent clinical trial that found that the drug Tarceva temporarily stalled or reversed the growth of squamous cell vulvar cancers in some women with the disease. The trial marked the first time a targeted therapy has been tested in patients with vulvar cancer. 
  • Our physicians are evaluating novel, targeted therapies and: 
    • Are among few in the nation to offer 3D image-guided brachytherapy. 
    • Were the first to publish excellent clinical outcomes of the use of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) with dose constraints to protect surrounding tissue. 
  • We offer specialized care for women with sexual health or fertility concerns, and access to a wide array of support services and survivorship care
  • Multidisciplinary care delivered by specialists from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham and Women’s Hospital 

Gynecologic Oncology Virtual Symposium Series

The Gynecologic Oncology Virtual Symposium Series is an ongoing series of online educational programs for patients and their loved ones. New sessions will be announced soon. 

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