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Treatment for Childhood Blood Cancers

  • The Hematologic Malignancy Center at Dana-Farber/Boston Children's Cancer and Blood Disorders Center is one of the top pediatric leukemia and lymphoma treatment centers in the world. In addition to treating blood cancers – lymphomas and leukemias – our Center also treats histiocytosis, a condition that shares some of the characteristics of cancer and is often treated by using some of the same therapies.

  • Why Choose Dana-Farber/Boston Children's?

    Children, teens, and young adults from around the world receive top-rated care at Dana-Farber/Boston Children's for leukemia, lymphoma, and histiocytosis. Our Center provides:

    World-renown Specialists

    Our leukemia, lymphoma, and histiocytosis specialists are internationally recognized and considered leaders in their clinical fields. Many of our physicians are also researchers, which means your child will have access to the most cutting-edge treatment options.

    Advanced Diagnostic Techniques

    We offer advanced diagnostic techniques, including flow cytometry and molecular testing to screen for specific chromosomal abnormalities. Our team also includes expert hematopathologists with specialized training in correctly diagnosing pediatric blood cancers and blood disorders.

    Innovative Clinical Trials

    We offer innovative treatment options and clinical trials, including experimental therapies for relapsed, recurrent, or refractory leukemia and lymphoma.

    Second Opinions

    We offer expert second opinions (in-person or online) for complex medical questions or decisions regarding a new diagnosis or treatment plan for your child.

    Stem Cell Transplant

    We offer one of the largest and most experienced pediatric stem cell transplant centers in the world. Our state-of-the-art stem cell transplant facility is designed specifically for children and teens undergoing stem cell transplant — minimizing their exposure to harmful toxins and germs without preventing their freedom to leave their room or interact with family and friends.

    Services to Improve Quality of Life

    We provide a range of innovative programs to improve quality of life during and after treatment, including the back-to-school program, home hydration program (to minimize time spent in the hospital receiving chemotherapy) and multiple, age-appropriate activities and outings with child-life specialists.