Exercise Intervention among Men with Prostate Cancer Initiating Androgen Deprivation Therapy: Pilot Study

Protocol # :
Prostate Cancer
Feasibility / Pilot
Disease Sites
Principal Investigator
Nguyen, Paul, L

Trial Description

This research study is evaluating the impact and feasibility of a 12-week brisk walking and
moderate strength training exercise intervention including a virtual component in men who are
initiating androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) for prostate cancer

Eligibility Requirements

Inclusion Criteria:

- Written informed consent prior to any study-related procedures

- History of histologically confirmed prostate cancer

- Initiating or within 30 days of initiating ADT

- ECOG performance status of 0 or 1

- At least 18 years old and no older than 80 years

- Physically able to exercise and have physician consent from their treating physician
to start a physical activity program

- English speaking and able to read English

- Have access to and are able to use the internet at a minimum of once per week

- Sufficient proficiency and confidence to use the internet and follow video-based
instructions, as determined by the eligibility questionnaire to be completed by the

- Willingness to be randomized

Exclusion Criteria:

- Self-reported inability to walk 2 blocks (at any pace)

- Currently physically active (> 90 minutes of moderate or vigorous physical activity
per week) as determined by Leisure Score Index of Godin Leisure-Time Exercise
Questionnaire [LSI])

- Previously on ADT

- Radiologic evidence of distant disease

- Cardiovascular, respiratory or musculoskeletal disease or joint problems that preclude
moderate physical activity. Examples would include unstable angina, recent myocardial
infarction, oxygen-dependent pulmonary disease, and osteoarthritis requiring imminent
joint replacement. Moderate arthritis that does not preclude physical activity is not
a reason for ineligibility.

- Psychiatric disorders or conditions that would preclude participation in the study
intervention (e.g., untreated major depression or psychosis, substance abuse, severe
personality disorder)