Randomized Trial of an Intervention to Enhance Quality of Life in Adults Completing Lung Cancer Treatment with Curative Intent

Protocol # :
Lung Cancer
Not Applicable
Disease Sites
Principal Investigator
Traeger, Lara

Trial Description

The aim of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of a brief psychoeducational intervention
to improve quality of life in patients with lung cancer who are transitioning from active
treatment to surveillance.

Eligibility Requirements

Inclusion Criteria:

- Age 21 or older

- Able to read and respond in English

- Diagnosis of non-small cell lung cancer or small cell lung cancer

- Documented curative treatment plan including systemic therapy +/- radiation and +/-

- Completed cancer treatment within past 3 weeks

- If final treatment is systemic therapy +/- radiation: within 3 weeks after cancer
care team determination that treatment is complete

- If final treatment is surgery: within 3 weeks after hospital discharge following

Exclusion Criteria:

- Comorbid health condition that would interfere with study participation

- Current participation in cognitive behavioral therapy treatment