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Routine Evaluation of the Social Determinants of Health in Oncology: User-centered Resource Coordination and Engagement (RESOURCE)

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Trial ID:NCT04879927

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Protocol #:20-437

877-DF-TRIAL (877-338-7425)

Condition(s):Breast Cancer, Gastrointestinal Cancer, Lung Cancer

Phase:Feasibility / Pilot

Principal Investigator:McCleary, Nadine, J

Trial Description:
The purpose of this research is to understand how screening for patient resource needs followed by customized resource matching can improve outcomes for adults with breast, lung or gastrointestinal cancer.

Eligibility Requirements:
- Eligible patients will be adults age 18 or older, able to consent, scheduled for a new patient consultation in DFCI BOC, TOP or GCC. To select for patients from demographic groups vulnerable to SDoH needs, two different groups will be eligible to participate.
- Group A
- BIPOC (Black, Latinx, Native American or Pacific Islander)
- LEP Spanish-speaking (As indicated by the EHR)
- Low SES (from zip code with median household income <$32,000/year) OR
- Age 70+
- Group B
- Any one NPIQ response indicating SDoH need
- Health literacy/numeracy, Caregiving/relationships, OR Finances
Exclusion Criteria:
- Group A and B
-- Patients not continuing care at Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Protocol #: 20-437

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