Tobacco Treatment Program at Whittier

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About the Tobacco Treatment Program at Whittier

Smoking is the most preventable cause of death and disease in the United States and is responsible for 480,000 deaths each year. The Tobacco Treatment Program (TTP) provides individual tobacco treatment counseling to patients of Whittier Street Health Center (WSHC) in Roxbury, MA – a diverse and medically complex patient population which includes many patients living with poverty, mental health issues, substance abuse, and multiple chronic illnesses. 

Through Dana-Farber’s partnership with WSHC, patients are referred by their primary care provider to the Tobacco Treatment Program, which provides support to patients in their tobacco treatment efforts, as well as assisting them in reducing their exposures to smoking environments (e.g., second- or third-hand smoke). Upon receipt of each referral, the tobacco treatment counselor attempts to contact the patient to offer tobacco cessation support. Patients who elect to participate in the program receive individual counseling, which can be provided in English or Spanish. 

Patients participating in the program receive information regarding the harms of tobacco use, the benefits of quitting, and the health impacts linked to tobacco use and cancers. The tobacco treatment counselor also provides follow-up support to patients who are ready to pursue tobacco cessation treatment, and communicates with referring providers to request prescriptions for nicotine replacement therapy and other tobacco cessation medications. 

Steps You Can Take to Quit

  • For help quitting smoking, you can call the national Smokers' Helpline (1-800-QUIT-NOW) for programs in your state, or talk with your primary care doctor to learn more. The number for the Massachusetts' Smokers' Helpline is 1-800-TRY-TO-STOP (1-800-879-8678). See Quitting Smoking for additional resources.
  • Talk with your health care provider to determine whether lung cancer screening is right for you. If you qualify, you will need a referral from your provider to be screened.

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