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About the Early Drug Development Center

  • In the Early Drug Development Center (EDDC), we conduct research dedicated to studying new drugs that might become safe and effective treatments for cancer. The EDDC specializes in conducting phase I clinical trials: small, carefully designed safety studies of experimental drugs that are being given to patients for the first time.

    Phase I trials enroll a small number of patients on a voluntary basis. The purpose is to determine a safe dose of the drug, and secondarily to observe whether the treatment has any beneficial effects.

    Participants in a phase I clinical trial may have access to some of the latest cancer treatments from pharmaceutical companies and scientists' research.

    How to become involved

    At Dana-Farber, your treatment team is based in one of the specialized disease centers for different types of cancers. You may be referred to the EDDC to discuss the possibility of volunteering for a clinical trial, but you will remain under the care of your original team.

    When you come to the EDDC, we will talk to you about participating in a phase I trial and provide you with specific information about what your participation will entail. We will make sure you, your family, and your treatment team understand all aspects of your involvement in the trial.

    The Early Drug Development Center's staff is devoted to pursuing excellence in the safe conduct of clinical trials for cancer with compassion and respect for everyone involved.

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