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Andrew A. Lane, MD, PhD

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Andrew A. Lane, MD, PhD

Dr. Lane received his MD and PhD degrees from Washington University. He completed his residency in internal medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital, and his fellowships in hematology and medical oncology at DFCI. His research focuses on developing new treatments for leukemia by studying the genetic changes that occur in cancer and how they alter the normal development of blood cells.



Director, Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm Center
Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School


Adult Leukemia Program
Stem Cell Transplantation

Clinical Interests

Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm (BPDCN), Leukemias, Stem cell transplantation

Diseases Treated

Board Certification

  • Hematology, 2012
  • Internal Medicine, 2009
  • Medical Oncology, 2012


  • Dana-Farber/Partners CancerCare, Hematology/Oncology


  • Brigham and Women's Hospital, Internal Medicine

Medical School

  • Washington University

Recent Awards

  • Seldin-Smith Award for Pioneering Research, American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI), 2020


    Developing new treatments for leukemia

    The Lane lab strives to expose and target the abnormal biology that drives blood cancers, particularly those with poor prognoses or without specific treatments.  We focus predominantly on acute leukemia and the disruption of normal stem cell development in hematologic malignancies.

    Our goal is to understand the genetic and epigenetic changes that alter gene regulation in malignant hematopoietic cells, develop innovative model systems to study those abnormalities, and ultimately discover novel therapeutic strategies.  We hope that our research leads to better tolerated therapies and more cures for patients with leukemia and other blood disorders.

    We are also committed to training the next generation of physicians and scientists who will be future leaders in cancer research and clinical-translational innovation.


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