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Patient Navigator Program

  • Nancy Pena, Patient Navigator

    Nancy Peña, Patient Navigator

    • Have you ever missed a medical appointment (for a test, follow-up appointment, or treatment) because you lacked transportation?
    • Is it sometimes hard to understand the information you get from your health care providers because English is not your preferred language?
    • Would you like to have more support so you can take care of your health?

    If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the Patient Navigator program can help you.

    What are Patient Navigators?

    Patient Navigators are caring, trained professionals who can help you take care of your health. Patient Navigators are here to listen to your concerns and understand your needs. We speak English and Spanish. We also work with interpreters who speak other languages.

    What do Patient Navigators do?

    Patient Navigators understand that you may be facing many challenges right now. We can help in many ways.

    You can work with a Patient Navigator to:

    • Talk with your health care providers and get answers to your questions
    • Get the information you need about procedures or treatments
    • Understand what’s happening with your health care so you can make the best decisions
    • Arrange for tests or other appointments
    • Find out about resources or services that may help you connect to the health care you need
    • Feel less worried

    Who can Patient Navigators help?

    Patient Navigators work with patients in specific programs at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and community health centers.

    Gynecology Program

    Patient Navigators work with women who:

    • Have an abnormal pap smear
    • Are at higher risk of cervical cancer
    • Have cervical cancer

    Breast Program

    Patient Navigators work with women who:

    • Have abnormal breast findings
    • Are at higher risk for breast cancer
    • Have breast cancer

    Please ask your doctor or nurse about the Patient Navigator Program, or contact:

    Breast Navigator Program 617-632-5609

    Gynecology Navigator Program

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