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Needle aspiration

  • What is needle aspiration?

    Needle aspiration is a procedure done to remove fluid from a mass or cyst, which can then be sent for testing.

    What you should know about needle aspiration

    • The doctor will explain the procedure and get your consent if he/she has not already done so. Please be sure to discuss any allergies (food and drug) with your physician.
    • You will be positioned so that the area in which the mass or cyst is located is accessible to the doctor.
    • A solution (usually Betadine) will be used to clean the skin at the site.
    • A small amount of local anesthetic (usually Xylocaine) is injected into the area to help decrease the discomfort caused by the aspiration needle. This anesthetic may initially cause a burning sensation but within minutes the area should begin to feel numb.
    • The doctor will then attempt to aspirate fluid from the mass or cyst. The needle may cause a feeling of pressure. Please inform the doctor if you are uncomfortable.
    • After the procedure is completed a band-aid will be applied to the site and you will be assisted to a comfortable position.
    • Please inform your doctor if any of the following occur: swelling, redness, increased tenderness, drainage at the site, fevers of 100.5° F or above.
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