How to Disconnect Your Port at Home

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What is a port?

A port (Port-A-Cath) is a small device installed beneath the skin, usually on the upper chest. A catheter connects the port to a vein. Drugs can be injected into the port, and blood samples taken, with less discomfort for the patient than repeated "needle sticks" into a vein.

Disconnecting Your Port

A port does not involve any home care because it is completely under the skin. However, if you have a port, your doctor may send you home still connected to chemotherapy, medications, or fluids.

You may need to learn how to disconnect your port from the pump that is giving you fluids, flush out the line, remove the needle from your port, and dispose of the needle properly. For this procedure, you need to wear gloves.

See additional information and instructions on caring for your port.

How to Disconnect Your Pump and De-Access Your Port at Home