Friends Board Member Sarah Bowler

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Sarah Bowler was first introduced to the Friends of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute three years ago when she participated in the annual holiday decorating with her family. Since then, holiday decorating has become a yearly tradition that Sarah looks forward to each November.

In 2014, Sarah began working at Dana-Farber as New Patient Coordinator in Gynecologic Oncology, where she acted as the first point of contact for patients seeking care at Dana-Farber. Her time spent in the role gave her a unique perspective and understanding of a patient’s journey through their diagnosis and treatment, and solidified her commitment to providing the best possible customer service for patients and their family members during an extremely trying time in their lives.

Sarah is still part of the New Patient Coordination team at Dana-Farber, and works as a supervisor for the New Patient Coordinators in Neuro Oncology, Head and Neck Oncology, Melanoma Center, Cutaneous Oncology, Early Drug Development Center, Center for Immuno-Oncology, and Sarcoma Center.

Sarah is interested in becoming a board member of the Friends of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute because the mission of the Friends perfectly aligns with her values of compassionate care towards patients and their families.