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When you invest in any of the funding opportunities offered below, you make a powerful statement that you support the important contributions of physicians, clinicians, caregivers, and researchers. 

Your gift enables our lifesaving work.

    Support in this area allows Dana-Farber to fulfill its commitment to offering truly comprehensive and compassionate care, by treating the whole patient — body, mind, and spirit.

    You can make a gift to create a current-use fund to address immediate critical needs or an endowed fund to provide resources in perpetuity. Both types of funds can provide support where it is needed most or be designated to a specific area. Named current-use funds can be established with a minimum gift of $100,000 or more, while a minimum gift of $500,000 or more can name an endowed fund.

    When patients have cancer, their primary focus should be getting better and not worrying about expenses. Unfortunately, many patients experience financial hardships during their treatment. Patient assistance provides timely support to alleviate some of the financial burdens families face when a loved one is battling cancer.

    Gifts of any size to this fund provide resources to the President of the Institute to support the most promising new research initiatives in their earliest stages and to enhance our total patient care.

    A strategic investment in research helps Dana-Farber stay at the cutting edge of cancer science and ensures a spirit of collaboration and innovation. You can support the many laboratory, translational, and clinical research initiatives that take place at the Institute by designating your gift to a specific area.

    With a gift to Dana-Farber, you can support the lifesaving work of our doctors and caregivers.

    Adopt a Lab ($60,000): Fund the laboratory of a gifted young researcher for one year and help fuel the next scientific discoveries. 

    Fund a Term Fellowship ($200,000): Fellowships ensure that the Institute attracts the next generation of leaders. This current-use fund names a fellowship for two years and offers critical support to a talented young investigator. 

    Fund an International Term Fellowship ($250,000): This current-use fund names an international fellowship for two years and provides valuable support for a gifted researcher, nurse/scientist, or clinician from abroad. 

    Endow a Fellowship ($1 million): Fellowships prepare a new generation of physicians to become tomorrow’s leaders in clinical and laboratory investigation and patient care. Income from this fund will support training for a committed, talented, and compassionate young investigator. 

    Endow an International Fellowship ($1.25 million): International Fellowships ensure the Institute attracts the next generation of leaders in cancer research and care from around the world. Income from this fund will support a physician-scientist from abroad to receive specialized training at Dana-Farber. 

    Endow an Investigator ($2 million): An investigatorship supports the important work of an exceptionally creative and committed physician-scientist at the mid-point of their career. It helps the Institute attract and retain faculty of the highest quality, and it ensures that important research directed by the investigator is continually funded in efforts to improve our understanding of cancer and advance its treatments. 

    Endow a Dana-Farber Chair ($3 million): A Dana-Farber Chair honors and recognizes a distinguished senior faculty member and provides invaluable financial support in perpetuity to pursue the research and care initiatives that will lead to new discoveries. Your gift can provide the resources needed to expedite our progress. 

    Endow a Professorship ($4 million): A professorship at Dana-Farber, endowed at Harvard Medical School, is the pinnacle of academic achievement. Your gift can underwrite a prestigious senior faculty professorship at both institutions. 

    Gifts to our technology fund support the acquisition, use, and maintenance of the complex tools that make cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment more accurate and effective.