Paths of Progress 2020

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A selection of articles from the 2020 issue of Paths of Progress.

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A Case for Curiosity

Tracing the circuitous path that led to the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for Dana-Farber's William Kaelin Jr., MD.

Unexpected Benefits from Targeted Therapies

New research shows that CDK 4/6 and PARP Inhibitors can stimulate the immune system to fight cancer, in addition to their known effects in fighting tumor cells.

Shapeshifters in the Brain

Understanding how aggressive brain tumors evade treatment with new technology that examines genetic information within individual cells, one at a time.

Bringing AI to Personalized Cancer Care

Machine language technology brings the new capability to study each individual's risks and best treatment options.

Liquid Biopsies Move Toward the Clinic

Chemical biologists create small molecules to boost discoveries and prototype novel therapies.

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Disclosure of Advisory Roles and Certain Industry Support

See an overview of relevant board memberships, outside support, and significant advisory roles as reported by several physicians and researchers featured in the 2020 issue of Dana-Farber's Paths of Progress magazine.