Paths of Progress 2023

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The articles below are featured in the 2023 issue of our Paths of Progress magazine. To see the entire publication, which includes Dana-Farber's 2022 Annual Report, please download the PDF version.


One Drug, Two Targets

Bispecific antibodies are new cancer drugs modeled after the body's own disease-fighting antibodies, but with a sort of superpower: They can bind to two different targets at one time.

Finding Pancreatic Cancer Earlier

How Dana-Farber is transforming the narrative in the early detection and treatment of a stubborn cancer.

The Power of Plus

Combining immunotherapy with other treatments shows great promise against certain cancers. Dana-Farber researchers are working to enhance its effectiveness, target more types of cancer, and lengthen remissions.

50 Years of Stem Cell Transplants

Five decades of scientific effort have made Dana-Farber a worldwide leader in stem cell transplants, transforming the lives of thousands of patients.

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