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About the Older Adult Hematologic Malignancy (OHM) Program

  • Program team: program assistant Nolan Condron; geriatrician Tammy Hshieh, MD; program director Gregory Abel, MD, MPH; and geriatrician and program co-director Jane Ann Driver, MD, MPH.

    The Older Adult Hematologic Malignancy (OHM) Program is a specialized Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's Cancer Center (DF/BWCC) research and clinical service that addresses the specialized needs of blood cancer patients who are age 75 and older.

    Our program is focused not only on identifying the best treatments for older patients with hematologic malignancies, but also on managing any other health and wellness issues they face. In the OHM Program, each patient receives collaborative care from both their DF/BWCC oncologist and a geriatrician from the Brigham and Women's Hospital Division of Aging. Importantly, visits with both providers occur on-site at Dana-Farber.

    The Older Adult Hematologic Malignancy (OHM) Program offers older patients the best cancer care available, while also taking into account other illnesses or concerns specific to this growing population. This includes baseline assessment of frailty for all new patients 75 or older — a unique component of our program — and for those who are determined to need it, comprehensive geriatric assessment and management, including:

    • review of past medical history
    • management of current non-oncologic medications
    • assessment of functional status
    • help in maximizing physical and psychological health
    • assessment of family and social support

    Our geriatricians also address any concerns or questions about:

    • diet and exercise
    • mobility
    • emotional well-being
    • home safety
    • financial security
    • transportation to and from medical appointments
    • advanced care planning

    Based on this comprehensive geriatric assessment, our team works closely with Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's Cancer Center oncologists to create an individualized treatment plan. In addition, our patients are invited to participate in research protocols tailored to older adults, including clinical trials and tissue banking efforts. We are grateful for the support of the Mary P. Murphy Fund for Hematologic Malignancies for help in sustaining this program.

  • Tammy Hsieh, MD
    Dr. Hsieh describes her role as a geriatrician in our Older Adult Hematologic Malignancy Program. Dr. Hshieh co-manages a patient’s care with Dana-Farber’s oncologists, and helps identify and manage an older patient’s medical, cognitive, or social issues while the patient goes through cancer treatment.

  • Learn more about hematologic malignancies in older adults

    Contact the Older Adult Hematologic Malignancies Program

    Ask your doctor about being referred to the program, or call our phone line for new hematologic oncology patients at 617-632-6028.

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