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Kate Nixon, CCLS
Adolescent Specialist, Jimmy Fund Clinic


Just for Teens provides programs and activities for teens and young adults with cancer at the Jimmy Fund Clinic and Boston Children's Hospital.

We offer activities and events both inside and out of the hospital so that you have creative ways to pass the time and can meet other teens who are going through similar experiences.

Explore Our Programs

Daily Art Activities

You'll find art projects happening every day. They may be done in the Teen Area at the Jimmy Fund Clinic or in a private room. Projects might involve making jewelry or mosaics, scrapbooking, or creating photo albums and collages.

iTunes Program

The iTunes program allows you to download ten songs of your choice for free, which you can then burn onto a CD to take with you or load directly onto your iPod. Each downloaded song is added to the master playlist, so you can also choose from songs that other patients have downloaded.

Documentary Program

This program helps teen patients who want to create a documentary about their journey through cancer treatment. Many people have found this to be a wonderful outlet for self-expression during this stressful period. In addition to sharing thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive environment, you'll learn the basics of creating a documentary with photography, music, and video. You'll leave with your own documentary, a video reflection of your experience you can share with friends and family.

Pottery Program

The pottery program enables teens to decorate and glaze pieces of ceramic pottery while in the hospital or receiving treatment at the Jimmy Fund Clinic.

Laptop Program

Laptops are available for use in the Jimmy Fund Clinic. Wireless internet access is available so you can check email, chat with friends, play games, and watch movies while in the clinic.


FACES (Feeling Accepted, Confident, Empowered, and Strong) is a social program for girls that shares beauty, skin care, and nutrition tips for during and after treatment.


FLASHES (Filming Life and Sharing Hope, Encouragement, and Strength) is a social program for boys that involves film and photography projects.

Adolescent Events

Events are available to patients on active treatment:

  • Red Sox trip to spring training in Fort Myers
  • Red Sox road trip to an away ballpark
  • Boys' Night Out
  • Girls' Weekend