Resources for Young Adults With Cancer

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General Information for Young Adults with Cancer

Cancer.Net: is a collection of resources and information for young adults and teenagers with cancer.

Cancer and Careers: Through a comprehensive website, free publications, career coaching, and a series of support groups and educational seminars for employees with cancer and their health care providers and co-workers, Cancer and Careers strives to eliminate fear and uncertainty for working people with cancer.

Livestrong Fertility: Livestrong Fertility is a comprehensive fertility preservation resource for patients whose medical treatments present the risk of infertility.

Livestrong Foundation: The Livestrong Foundation's mission is to "enhance the quality of survival of those diagnosed with cancer" through support programs, survivorship resources, advocacy, and clinical research. Livestrong Foundation provides educational programs that address the physical, emotional, and practical needs of cancer survivors.

Mission Control: The Ulman Foundation is dedicated to creating a community of support for young adults and their loved ones impacted by cancer. Their Mission Control portal is a one-stop shop for young adult resources and services.


Young Adult Social Support Resources

Cactus Cancer Society: The Cactus Cancer Society is an online organization that offers a variety of wellness/supportive programs and resources solely for young adults. Examples of programs include a creative writing workshop, book club, DIY crafts, and opportunities to connect with other young adults virtually.

CancerCare: CancerCare is a national non-profit organization that provides free professional support services to anyone affected by cancer: people with cancer, caregivers, children, loved ones, and the bereaved. Their website has a section for young adults.

Elephants and Tea: Elephants and Tea is a media organization with the mission of connecting young adults across the country via blogs, writing, and other forms of self-expression.

Imerman Angels: This organization provides free one-on-one support for cancer fighters, survivors, and caregivers.

Stupid Cancer: Stupid Cancer is a non-profit organization whose mission is to "ensure that no one affected by young adult cancer goes unaware of the age-appropriate resources they are entitled to." Their website is fun and interactive, and provides a wealth of young adult resources and information according to the type of help you are seeking.

Financial Resources and Wish Foundations for Young Adults

Dear Jack Foundation - Life List Program: This is a wish-granting program for adolescent and young adult patients who are currently receiving treatment for life-threatening cancer diagnoses. The program gives patients positive experiences to focus on during treatment, and provides the opportunity to connect with a community of AYA (adolescent and young adults) patients, survivors, and advocates who have experienced similar journeys.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Scholarship for Blood Cancer Survivors: This scholarship program provides young adult blood cancer survivors up to $7,500 to cover tuition for virtual or in-person vocational, trade, two-year, or four-year undergraduate education for one year.

Nikolas Ritschel Foundation (ages 18-24): This is a wish-granting program to enrich the lives, stimulate encouragement, and strengthen the faith of individuals with cancer who are between ages 18-24, and their families.

The Samfund, in collaboration with Expect Miracles Foundation: Grants are available for living costs, education, cosmetic procedures, fertility, and one-time purchases. These grants are available in cycles.

Ulman Fund: The Ulman Fund provides general information for young adults with cancer. It offers college scholarships to those with, or who have had, cancer.

Resources for Black, Indigenous, or Young Adults of Color With Cancer

For the Breast of Us: This is a breast cancer community for women of color. Its mission is to uplift women of color affected by breast cancer by sharing stories, education, advocacy, and community.

Melanin and Mental Health: This network connects Black and Latinx people to mental health resources.

The Safe Place: This free smartphone app focuses on psychoeducation and self-care for minority mental health, geared towards the Black community.

YASU Young Adult African-American Cancer Support Group: On the second Monday of every month from 6-7:30 p.m. ET, join Young Adult Survivors United for the Young Adult African-American Cancer Support Group.

Resources for LGBTQIA+ Young Adults With Cancer

Fenway Health: Fenway Health is a community health center located in Boston. Its site provides education, training, and resources for LGBTQ+ community members and healthcare providers.

National LGBT Cancer Network: The National LGBT Cancer Network works to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ cancer survivors and those at risk by educating the community about increased cancer risks, training health care providers, and advocating for LGBTQ+ survivors in mainstream cancer organizations, the media, and research.

National LGBT Cancer Project: This site provides resources such as a clinical trial finder and resource center, stories of support, and other informational resources for members of the LGBTQ+ community.

YASU LGBTQ+ Support GroupF*** Cancer and Young Adult Survivors United have teamed up to offer this support group for people who identify as LGBTQ+ and are in treatment or post-treatment for cancer. By completing this form, you are indicating your interest in registering for this support group.

Resources For Young Adult Cancer Survivors

American Cancer Society Cancer Survivors' Network: This site has at least two relevant chat rooms: adult survivors of childhood cancer and young cancer survivors.

The Samfund: Surviving and Moving Forward: This is a unique non-profit organization created to assist young adult survivors of cancer with a successful transition into their post-treatment life by providing financial support through the distribution of grants and scholarships.

Respite Opportunities

Camp Kesem: Kesem is a nationwide community, driven by passionate college student leaders, that supports children through and beyond their parent's cancer. Kesem is the largest national organization dedicated to supporting children impacted by a parent's cancer, at no cost to families.

Camp Mak-A-Dream: Camp Mak-A-Dream empowers survivors and their families to live with and beyond cancer through life-changing Montana experiences, where they strengthen life skills, gain resilience, and develop lasting relationships.

Dear Jack Foundation Breathe Now Wellness Retreats (for couples): This program is open to young adult cancer survivors who are one to three years removed from their last date of treatment, and their partners. This thoughtfully designed four-day retreat program harnesses the transformational powers of yoga, meditation, and psychosocial breakout sessions. The retreats are professionally guided and designed to help each couple renew, learn, and grow as they live their lives together post-cancer.

Dream Street Foundation Camps (ages 18-24): The Dream Street Foundation provides camping programs for children and young adults with chronic and life-threatening illnesses.

First Descents: This program offers free and fun outdoor adventure experiences throughout the country to young adults with cancer.

For Pete's Sake (ages 24-55): This foundation provides adult cancer patients, their caregivers, and their children with a break from cancer.

Next Step: Next Step hosts "Campferences" and other workshops for young adults ages 16-24 living with cancer.

Sailing Heals: The Sailing Heals organization provides a rejuvenating day at sea for patients and caregivers who are navigating significant medical diagnoses like cancer.

Send It Foundation: This non-profit organization provides outdoor adventures for young adults living with cancer.

True North Treks: True North Treks empowers young adults and caregivers affected by cancer to "find direction through connection" via free group backpacking and canoeing treks in beautiful and remote wilderness destinations.