Imaging Fellowships

Cancer Imaging Fellowship Program (CIP)


For radiologists interested in a concentrated, subspecialty Fellowship experience in cancer imaging, we offer a range of training opportunities through our Cancer Imaging Program (CIP) Fellowships. Our CIP differs from other imaging Fellowships in that it aims to provide disease-based, i.e., cancer-based, training rather than modality-, organ-, or body part-based training. We have incorporated the strengths and core values of our clinical and research practice into our program.

Under the CIP umbrella, we have established several clinical Cancer Imaging Fellowships. These include, but are not limited to:

  • General Diagnostic Cancer Imaging Fellowship
  • Molecular Imaging in PET/CT Fellowship

The general CIP Fellowship offers multi-modality subspecialty-level cancer imaging training in the tertiary setting, in which Fellows become well versed in:

  • Standards of care in oncology
  • Manifestations of class and drug-specific tumor responses
  • Use of appropriate response criteria
  • Complications of treatment and/or disease, including drug toxicities and oncologic emergencies

CIP Fellows also gain familiarity with investigational therapies, their rationale, and the role of the radiologist in phase I, phase II, and phase III clinical trials.

The Molecular Imaging and PET/CT Fellowship provides advanced training in PET/CT and the interplay of functional and anatomical cancer imaging. These Fellows participate in an active radionuclide therapy program.