CSIR Biopsy Collections

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CCG Associate Director: Aaron Thorner
DCBC Biopsy Collections: Karla Helvie
Bioinformatics: Tony Anselmo

For general questions: 
617-582-7253 or aaron_thorner@dfci.harvard.edu



In addition to sample collection for Center for Cancer Genomics (CCG) collaborations, CCG's Biospecimen Acquisition Team is integrated into the research biopsy collection process for all Dana-Farber research biopsies performed at Brigham and Women's Hospital Cross-Sectional Interventional Radiology (BWH CSIR). This initiative is called the Dana-Farber CSIR Biopsy Collection Initiative, or DCBC.

DCBC was created to streamline research collections in CSIR by having a dedicated team to manage all research biopsy collections. Our team of Biospecimen Coordinators is trained to communicate research study needs accurately and efficiently to the clinical team in CSIR, and to allocate research samples according to specific priority lists and requirements for each study. DCBC has created a consistent, organized, and responsive process for procuring research samples on behalf of all Dana-Farber research protocols.

If you have any questions about the Dana-Farber CSIR Biopsy Collections, please email DFCI_Bx_CollectionsOPS@dfci.harvard.edu.

Dana-Farber researchers can access DCBC resources at https://partnershealthcare.sharepoint.com/sites/dfcicto/SitePages/BWH-CSIR.aspx.