Small Molecule Probes, Inhibitors and Degraders

Members of the Chemical Biology Program approach biological problems with an open mind in terms of the exact chemical solution that we will pursue, basing our decisions on the specific biological and/or clinical context.

We are developing many different classes of small molecule modulators, including covalent and allosteric inhibitors, and are investigating their mechanisms of action. We also work on inventing new small molecule-based pharmacologic modalities, like the degrader molecules (PROTACs and degronimids).

Several labs in our program are using small molecule inhibitors and/or degraders to pursue different molecular targets and strategies:

  • The Buhrlage Lab is focusing on protein homeostasis and deubiquitylating enzymes (DUBs).
  • The Fischer Lab is advancing degrader molecule technology.
  • The Qi Lab is exploring the universe of epigenetic readers, writers, and erasers.