Models for Immuno-Oncology

CPDM has a collection of PDX/PDCL models that have patient-matched PBMCs (peripheral blood mononuclear cells) available. We have ongoing efforts to collect patient-matched PBMCs for the new cancer models that we are generating, and to make modification on the patient-matched immune cells amendable for immuno-oncology studies.
The cell line and xenograft models can be co-cultured with activated immune cells from PBMCs in various cell-based assays. Patient derived serum preparation is also available to be paired with these cell-based assays.

We are interested in partnering with academia and industry collaborators to develop studies around this exciting collection of cancer models and PBMCs.

The following summarizes the cancer models for which we have patient-matching PBMCs:

CPDM ID Model Type Summarized Diagnosis
CPDM_0813X PDCL Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma IDH mutant and
1p 19q codeleted 3
CPDM_0618X PDCL Glioblastoma IDH Mutant 4
CPDM_0670X PDCL Glioblastoma IDH wildtype 4
CPDM_1705X PDCL Glioblastoma IDH wildtype 4
CPDM_1818X PDCL Glioblastoma IDH wildtype 4
CPDM_0021X PDCL Glioblastoma IDH wildtype 4
CPDM_0051X PDCL, PDX Glioblastoma IDH wildtype 4
CPDM_1265X PDCL, PDX Glioblastoma IDH wildtype 4
CPDM_1253X PDX Glioblastoma IDH wildtype 4
CPDM_1700X PDX Lymphoma CNS
CPDM_1449X PDCL Lymphoma CNS Secondary
CPDM_1745X PDX Lymphoma CNS Secondary
CPDM_0832X PDX Lymphoma CNS Secondary
CPDM_1359X PDCL Metastasis Breast
CPDM_1362X PDCL Metastasis Breast
CPDM_0085X PDCL Metastasis Breast
CPDM_1404X PDCL Metastasis Breast
CPDM_0590X PDX Metastasis Breast
CPDM_1488X PDX Metastasis Breast
CPDM_1679X PDCL Metastasis Colon
CPDM_0791X PDX Metastasis Colon
CPDM_0839X PDX Metastasis Colon
CPDM_0822X PDCL Metastasis Kidney
CPDM_0687X PDCL Metastasis Kidney
CPDM_0046X PDCL Metastasis Lung
CPDM_0592X PDCL, PDX Metastasis Lung
CPDM_0084X PDX Metastasis Lung
CPDM_0672X PDCL Metastasis Melanoma
CPDM_0840X PDCL Metastasis Melanoma
CPDM_1237X PDCL Metastasis Melanoma
CPDM_1645X PDCL Metastasis Melanoma
CPDM_1726X PDCL Metastasis Melanoma
CPDM_0025X PDCL Metastasis Melanoma
CPDM_1277X PDCL Metastasis Melanoma
CPDM_1216X PDCL, PDX Metastasis Melanoma
CPDM_0060X PDCL Metastasis Ovary
CPDM_0780X PDX Metastasis Ovary
CPDM_1622X PDX Metastasis Pancreas
CPDM_0783X PDX Metastasis Yolk Sac Tumor

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