CPDM's Collection of Solid Tumor PDX Models

These Novartis PDX models have been previously published in the Nat Med. 2015 study of using PDX models in high-throughput screening to predict clinical trial drug response. More recently, a selection of these models were used in a study of FGFR inhibitors.

See our detailed model lists for more information about our solid tumor models. In vivo growth and drug treatment response data and CNV data are also available for these models. RNA-seq data, whole-exome seq data, and low-pass WGS data are available on cBioPortal. HLA data inferred from RNA-seq data is also available here.

Learn more about ordering and licensing these models, or email us at models@dfci.harvard.edu to submit an inquiry.

See CPDM's SOPs for working with these models for guidance.

Summarized Diagnosis # of Models
Large Intestine 77
Breast 68
Pancreas 57
Lung 45
Skin 43
Ovary 39
Kidney 21
Endometrium 16
Esophagus 13
Liver 7
Biliary Tract 3
Cervix 1
Soft Tissue 1
Stomach 1