Measuring Quality and Safety


Dana-Farber Cancer Institute tracks a variety of performance measures to assess patient safety and quality of care. In order to do this, we set standards for our own practices and measure ourselves against other comprehensive cancer centers nationwide. Here is information on various measures of quality and safety that illustrate our focus on providing efficient, effective, patient-centered, safe, and timely care.

We measure the efficiency of the care provided at Dana-Farber by tracking our adherence to proven medical practices for specific diseases.

Learn about our publicly reported measures.

To measure how effectively we treat cancer, Dana-Farber tracks details on the number of adult and pediatric exam and infusion visits, by disease type and location.

Learn about our accreditations and certifications.

We ask patients for feedback on how well we pay attention to their emotional needs, cultural practices, and individual concerns.

Learn about patient and family satisfaction.

We strive to keep our patients safe during visits and treatment; these data illustrate how we are doing.

Learn about our infection control initiatives.