Magnet Recognition Program: Recognizing Excellence in Nursing Services


Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has earned the Magnet Recognition Program® designation four times: in June 2005, in November 2009, in July 2014, and again in August 2019, given by the American Nurses Credentialing Center — the nation's preeminent accreditation organization — for excellence in nursing service and practice.

This gold standard for nursing is an honor that has been granted to approximately 10 percent of U.S. hospitals and represents Dana-Farber's ongoing commitment to providing patients and families with the most expert, compassionate nursing care.

How did Dana-Farber achieve Magnet status?


Dana-Farber underwent a multi-faceted evaluation process documenting how the organization meets stringent healthcare standards determined by the American Nurses Association. This included submission of a 2,500-page document and a two-day site visit by Magnet appraisers. To continue to hold Magnet status, organizations must undergo re-designation every few years. Re-designation includes written submission of evidence showcasing excellence, followed by a three-day site visit by Magnet appraisers.

All aspects of Dana-Farber's nursing care were determined to be within the range of excellence.

What are the benefits of Magnet designation?

For patients, Magnet status doesn't change anything about the quality of care they receive. It emphasizes the outstanding level of care Dana-Farber nurses have always provided to patients and families and promotes improvement for the future.

Patients treated at Magnet facilities typically have lower mortality rates and greater satisfaction because they are cared for by experienced, educated, vigilant nurses who successfully collaborate with each other and with non-nursing colleagues to ensure the highest quality patient care.

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For nurses, it acknowledges that they are respected members of a multidisciplinary team and are supported by the administration.

Nurses who work in Magnet facilities experience fewer injuries and high job satisfaction, and work in an autonomous environment that supports professional growth.

Learn more about the Magnet Recognition Program on the American Nurses Credentialing Center website.

Recognizing quality patient care and nursing excellence, the Magnet Recognition Program provides consumers with the ultimate benchmark to measure the quality of care they can expect to receive.
The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)
Pictured are some of Dana-Farber’s 27 "Magnet Champions," who educate colleagues about the importance of Magnet accreditation, share unit examples of excellence with the Champion team, encourage ideas for improvement, and showcase "Magnet Moments" at the Institute.

Public Notice
Magnet Recognition Program® – Site Visit

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute was designated as a Magnet organization in 2005, 2009, 2014, and 2019 by the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®. This prestigious designation recognizes excellence in nursing services. In January 2024, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is applying for re-designation.

Patients, family members, staff, and interested parties who would like to provide comments are encouraged to do so. Anyone may send comments via e-mail and direct mail. 

Your comments must be received by the Magnet Program Office by January 7, 2024.

Note: All comments are confidential and are not shared with the health care organization. Comments may be anonymous, but they must be sent in writing to the Magnet Program Office.

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Magnet Recognition Program Office
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