Oncology Nursing Residency Program

Two Tracks: Research and Infusion

The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Oncology Nursing Residency Program is a 12-month program that builds on the education and skills of new graduate nurses and prepares them to practice nursing in ambulatory oncology settings.

Throughout this year-long position, nurse residents are immersed in all aspects of oncology nursing care in an environment that supports learning and growth. The curriculum is centered around Oncology Nursing Scope and Standards Practice (2019) and Nurse of the Future Competencies (2016).

Residents are provided with mentorship and guidance throughout the program as they focus on developing critical reasoning in oncology, advancing their nursing skills, and increasing their comfort in providing nursing care for complex, diverse patient populations. Skill development areas include assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of nursing care for oncology patients.

The Residency program works toward increasing diversity in the oncology nursing workforce at Dana-Farber by identifying nurses with experience in and commitment to working with diverse populations. The curriculum has a focus on social determinants of health and health equity.

Successful transition into clinical nursing practice is a primary goal of this program. Upon completion of this program, residents may apply for a permanent nursing position at Dana-Farber.

UMass Boston and Dana-Farber: Bridging Education and Practice

Learn how Dana-Farber’s Oncology Nursing Residency Program – in partnership with UMass Boston – gives promising new graduates of diverse backgrounds the opportunity to explore oncology nursing as a career.

A residency gives you the time to transition into the nursing profession and provides support and mentorship throughout the year-long program. I felt prepared when I graduated from the program and confident in my practice.
Alberto Ortega, BSN, RN (Graduate, Infusion Residency, 2021), currently an infusion nurse at Dana-Farber
Nurse Residents
Top L-R: James Jesson, BSN, RN, Alexandra Connelly, BSN, RN, Samantha Ficociello, BSN, RN, Megan McNally, BSN, RN, and Beverly Ng, BSN, RN, participated in the Residency Program, Research Track. Bottom L-R: Kara Burke, BSN, RN, and Jennifer Cruz-Flores, BSN, RN, participated in the Residency Program, Infusion Track.

Nurse Residency Specialties

The Dana-Farber Oncology Nursing Residency Program supports two oncology specialties: Infusion and Clinical Research. New graduate nurses are encouraged to apply for the specialty that meets their professional goals. The Residency program is offered in two cohorts, Spring and Fall. The Spring cohort starts in April, with the application window open from October through early January. The Fall cohort starts in September, with the application window open from March through early June.

Infusion Specialty

The Infusion Residency curriculum is structured to provide residents with rich learning experiences in both inpatient and ambulatory settings. Residents will become proficient in a variety of nursing skills, such as IV placements, central venous access devices, and infusion therapy, while practicing in an interdisciplinary team environment promoting relationship-based care. Shadowing experiences are offered with interdisciplinary team members.

Clinical Research Specialty

The Research Residency curriculum is structured to expose residents to fundamental clinical nursing skills, oncology-based care, and clinical research nursing competencies. The residents complete clinical rotations in inpatient oncology, ambulatory oncology, and clinical research. To supplement their clinical rotations, residents are provided a wide variety of interdisciplinary shadowing experiences and professional development opportunities.


  • Baccalaureate degree in nursing from accredited nursing program
  • Licensed as a Registered Nurse in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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Please contact us if you have questions or would like more information about the Oncology Nursing Residency Program.

Infusion Specialty email: dfci_onrp@dfci.harvard.edu
Clinical Research Specialty email: dfci_rnrp@dfci.harvard.edu