Meet Our Cancer Genetics and Prevention Team


Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's Division of Cancer Genetics and Prevention offers a unique team approach to genetic testing and cancer risk management. We provide an initial cancer risk evaluation with an experienced genetic counselor and physician to discuss your personal and family history. Our team is available to talk with you and your family members. One goal of this evaluation is to help you learn what steps you can take to lower your cancer risk.


Judy E. Garber, MD, MPH, Chief, Division of Cancer Genetics and Prevention (medical oncologist)
Sapna Syngal, MD, MPH, Director of Research, Division of Cancer Genetics and Prevention (gastroenterologist)
Huma Q. Rana, MD, MPH, Clinical Director, Division of Cancer Genetics and Prevention (geneticist)
Leah Biller, MD (medical oncologist)
Sharon Bober, PhD (psychologist)
Brittany Bychkovsky, MD (medical oncologist)
Junne Kamihara, MD, PhD (pediatric oncologist)
Ramona Lim, MD (gastroenterologist)
Sahar Nissim, MD, PhD (gastroenterologist)
Kimberly Perez, MD (medical oncologist)
Mersedeh Rohanizadegan, MD, MPH (geneticist)
Rochelle Scheib, MD (medical oncologist)
Matthew Yurgelun, MD (medical oncologist)

Administrative Director of Disease Center Operations

Audrey D'Atri

Nurse Practitioners

Margaret Klehm, RN, MPH, MSN, FNP
Siobhan Creedon, RN, NP

Nurse Navigators

Helen Lori Keating, BSN, RN, OCN
Lisa Magarace, BSN, RN
Lindsey McDermott, MSN, RN
Debbie Wallace, RN, BSN

Genetic Counselors

Jill E. Stopfer, MS, LGC, Associate Director, Genetic Counseling
Anu Chittenden, MS, LGC, Manager, Genetic Counseling
Katelyn Breen, MS, LGC
Dillon Davis, MMSc, LGC
Corinne Echmalian, MS, LCGC
Marissa Hollyer, MS, LCGC
Lindsay Kipnis, MS, LGC
Diane Koeller, MS, MPH, LGC
Melissa Leach, MS, LGC
Denise Ma, MS
Cecilia Miguel, MS, LCGC
Katherine Ozelius, MS, LCGC
Farid Barquet Ramos, MPH, LCGC
Jaclyn Schienda, ScM, LGC
Katherine Schneider, MPH, LGC
Alison Schwartz, MS, LGC

Research Staff

Nizar Bhulani, MBBS, MPH, Research Scientist

Emily Blair, Clinical Research Coordinator

Ryan Buehler, Clinical Research Coordinator

Alyson Caruso, Research Project Manager

Alicia Charleston, MPH, Senior Project Manager

Ileana Fortes, Research Project Manager

Sloane Furniss, PhD, Research Associate

Alexander Husband, Senior Research Project Manager

Sophie Cahill, Research Project Manager

Emily Irby, Clinical Research Coordinator

Kaitlyn Lew

Madison Parenteau, Clinical Research Coordinator

Hannah Pepprock, Clinical Research Coordinator

Cole Poulin, Clinical Research Coordinator II

Chinedu Ukaegbu, MBBS, MPH, Research Fellow

Lynch Syndrome Center Staff

Leanne McAuliffe, MHA, Program Manager

Clinical Administrative Support Staff

Abigail Smith, NPC Supervisor
Lorena Bazan-Dominguez, CSS Supervisor
Aurora Carberry
Daniela Cuenca-Rica
Caitlin Donahue
Jennifer Hernandez-Mercado
Nicole Lewis
Bobby McCall
Fran Mesmer
Sabrin Mohamednur
Sylvia Sword
Benjamin Wuesthoff

Genetic Testing Coordinators

Rachel Denham
Zoe Epstein
Avital Habshush
Tristan Hart
Abrianne Mongillo
Carmen Tso
Lillian Wyand

Administrative Support

Sarfaraz Shaikh, Program Manager
Alexa De La Pena