Treatment Team at the Center for Early Detection and Interception of Blood Cancers

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Centers for Early Detection and Interception


The Center for Early Detection and Interception of Blood Cancers is part of Dana-Farber’s Centers for Early Detection and Interception, a new multidisciplinary clinical and research program for individuals who are at increased risk of developing cancer.

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Your care team at the Center for Early Detection and Interception of Blood Cancers combines the expertise of our hematologic malignancies and genetic risk and prevention teams to care for patients.

Leadership Team

Irene Ghobrial, MD, Director
Omar Nadeem, MD, Medical Director
Betsy O'Donnell, MD, Director of Early Detection and Prevention
Julia Colchie, Associate Director

Myeloma Precursor Specialists

Irene Ghobrial, MD, MGUS, SMM
Omar Nadeem, MD, MGUS, SMM
Betsy O'Donnell, MD, MGUS, SMM
Adam Sperling, MD, PhD, MGUS, SMM

Leukemia Precursor Specialists

Daniel DeAngelo, MD, PhD, low-risk MDS
Virginia Volpe, MD
Lachelle D. Weeks, MD, PhD, ICUS, CHIP, CCUS, low-risk MDS

Lymphoma Precursor Specialists

Virginia Volpe, MD, MBL, Lymphoid-CHIP

Genetic Risk and Prevention

Judy Garber, MD, MPH
Huma Rana, MD


Peter Libby, MD


Raad Chowdhury, MD
Shruti Gupta, MD
Umut Selamet, MD


Christopher Doughty, MD

Advanced Practice Providers

Frances Arters, PA
Marjorie Marto, PA


Cristine Davie, RN
Caroline Ricciardi, RN

Departments We Partner With

Social Work
Multiple Myeloma
Adult Survivorship
Genetic Counseling

Our Research Partners

Jennifer Brown Lab
Benjamin Ebert Lab
Gad Getz Lab
Irene Ghobrial Lab
Catherine Marinac, PhD
Timothy Rebbeck, PhD

Our Research Staff

Jackie Perry, MPH, Senior Manager for Data Integration
Ashlee Sturtevant, MS, Senior Clinical Research Program Manager, Interventional Trials
Katherine Padgett, MS, Research Program Manager, Non-Interventional Trials
Jillian Alberti, MS, Project Manager
David Schmidt, Regulatory Coordinator II
Dechen Choden, Clinical Research Coordinator II
Sophie Magidson, Clinical Research Coordinator II
Ameen Anwar, Clinical Research Coordinator
Megan Carty, MPH, Clinical Research Coordinator
Leonard Fiannaca, MS, Clinical Research Coordinator
Lily Riseberg, Clinical Research Coordinator
Vidhi Patel, Research Data Specialist II
Patrick Costello, MS, Research Data Specialist
Nana Ama Boadi-Acheampong, Research Assistant, Data
Anna Cronin, Research Assistant, Data
Maya Patel, Research Assistant, Data
Roma Patel, MHA, Research Assistant, Data

Administrative Team/Scheduling Team

Bedjina Thelisma, Clinical Scheduling Specialist II