Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer Center Events and Resources for Patients

As a young-onset colorectal cancer patient, you're encouraged to learn more and to engage with our community. These events and resources are meant to increase public awareness and education around the rising burden of colorectal cancer in young adults.

See what we've been up to:

Highlights from the March 4, 2023 Annual Patient and Family Forum

On March 4, we held our 4th annual Patient and Family Forum. It was a day full of free educational events for individuals with young-onset colorectal cancer (diagnosed under 50 years old) and their supporters. Attendees heard from keynote speaker Lindy Thackston, a FOX59 news anchor in Indianapolis, who was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer at the age of 40, as well as from experts in colorectal cancer research, social work, clinical trials, and more. View these informative and inspiring videos from this year's Forum:

Research Keynote: Myriam Chalabi, MD, PhD

At our fourth annual Patient and Family Forum, gastrointestinal oncologist and clinician scientist Myriam Chalabi, MD, PhD, joined us from the Netherlands Cancer Institute to present her research on early innovative combination immunotherapy trials. Dr. Chalabi’s research has a strong focus on translational research to better understand the drivers of response in these tumors and to find novel immunotherapy treatments.

View These Other Presentations from the 2023 Forum

Highlights from the March 4, 2022 Annual Patient and Family Forum

Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer Center Annual Forum Research Keynote

At the Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer Center's third annual Patient and Family Forum, a Research Keynote lead by Jonathan Nowak, MD, PhD and Benjamin Schlechter, MD, discussed immunotherapy and CAR-T cell therapy in young-onset colorectal cancer.

View These Other Presentations from the 2022 Forum

Videos from Our "Gut Instincts" Webinar Series

Best Practices for Rectal Cancer

Dana-Farber’s Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer Center's Gut Instincts series continued on Monday, September 26, 2022, with an educational workshop on Best Practices for Rectal Cancer. Topics included chemotherapy, advances in radiation and its side effects, surgical management of rectal cancer, and a patient's perspective.

Too Young for This Sh*t Webcast - Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program®

The Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program® hosted a live webcast about the rise of early-onset colorectal cancer. Watch the video to hear from Dr. Kimmie Ng, our Center’s Director, and Pat Beauregard, a Dana-Farber colon cancer patient.

Colorectal Cancer: Closing the Disparity Gap

Dana-Farber patient Kyle Vinson was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at 38-years old and shares his journey. Dana-Farber oncologist, Ben Schlechter, MD, discusses what needs to happen to close the disparity gap as research shows colorectal cancer rates in Black individuals are about 20% higher when compared with non-Hispanic white individuals.

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    'We Have Cancer' podcast interview with Dr. Kimmie Ng and patient Pat Beauregard (March 12, 2019)
    Bride vows to continue brother's fight against colorectal cancer. (Jimmy Fund Blog – March 2019)

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