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Donna S. Neuberg, ScD



  • Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics, Harvard School of Public Health

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  • Office Phone Number(617) 632-2448
  • Fax(617) 632-2444


Dr. Neuberg received her ScD in Biostatistics from Harvard School of Public Health in 1988. She became a biostatistician at DFCI in 1987. She serves as the senior statistician for the Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Benign Hematology Programs at DFCI. She is also very involved in mentoring and teaching clinical and laboratory investigators.


Analysis of clinical trials with correlative laboratory data

Analysis of laboratory and animal data

There exists a substantial statistical literature exists on the design and analysis of clinical trials with response or time-to-event end points. However, early-stage trials with biologic end points, such as vaccine studies or investigations of targeted therapies, require alternative approaches. It is crucial that in the planning stage, the unique aspects of a biologic or molecular therapy be taken into account. This principle extends to the design of laboratory studies, and especially to those correlative laboratory studies that embedded in clinical investigations.

An aspect of the complexity of laboratory studies—whether in basic science, animals, or humans--is the abundance of data. With the advent of whole genome or whole exome sequencing in conjunction with epigenetic or proteomic studies on the same patient, the number of laboratory values collected far exceeds the number of patients. Dr. Neuberg's current interests concern the planning and analysis of studies that integrate laboratory outcomes at the genome, transcriptome, or proteome level with clinical and demographic information.

Research Departments:


Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
450 Brookline Avenue
CLSB 11004
Boston, MA 02215
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