Beyond Cancer


This podcast series features cancer survivors sharing how they've navigated the physical side effects, emotional challenges, and different dynamics of life during and after cancer treatment.

Episode 1: Family Dynamics

For parents, particularly ones with small kids, the challenges of a cancer diagnosis extend to the family. How do you talk to kids so they understand, but aren’t frightened? As teachers and parents, Connie and Gina faced that challenge not only with their own children but with a classroom full of curious and concerned kids.

Episode 2: Fear and Scanxiety

For otherwise healthy individuals, a CT scan or an MRI is an uncommon event. But for cancer survivors like Jeremy Pivor and Danielle Ameden, it can be a routine part of life. So too is the anxiety that often accompanies each test, and the fear of relapse. Hear Danielle and Jeremy’s story, how they manage their fear and scanxiety, and what tips they offer fellow survivors in this episode.

Episode 3: Coping Through Creativity

For Abby and Tara, after being diagnosed with cancer, creative expression was an opportunity to both cope and communicate. But turning to art and writing wasn’t without its challenges. Learn how these two young women navigated and used creativity to help them manage life beyond cancer.

Episode 4: Exercise and Cancer

Keeping up an exercise routine is one of many challenges cancer patients face. In this episode, cancer patient-turned-personal trainer John Barrett, and Dana-Farber exercise physiologist Nancy Campbell talk about how to meet that challenge, whether you’ve exercised your whole life or have never done so.

Episode 5: Stupid Things People Say

Cancer patients have heard them all -- from the insensitive to the absurd, from nutrition tips to fertility advice, and just about everything in between. Kim Douglass and Becky Sail discuss the stupid things they’ve heard, and more importantly, how they dealt with those barbs. We also explore with Dana-Farber’s Karen Fasciano, PsyD, what’s behind these comments.

Episode 6: When Treatment Ends

Treatment ends. And you’re home free. That’s what many friends and family think. But cancer patients know that the time after your treatment ends can be unsettling. Breast cancer survivors Amy Atwood and Julie Mizraji talk about how they navigated through the emotional challenges of living in a post-treatment world.

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