Bruce Spiegelman receives high honor from American Diabetes Association

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    Award recognizes achievements in training and mentoring diabetes and metabolism research scientists

    The American Diabetes Association® (ADA) announced recipients of the 2021 National Scientific and Health Care Achievement Awards and Bruce Spiegelman, PhD, researcher at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute received the 2021 Albert Renold Award.

    This award is presented to an individual whose career is distinguished by outstanding achievements in the training and mentorship of diabetes research scientists and in the development of communities of scientists to enhance diabetes research. Spiegelman’s research is focused on molecular basis of adipose tissue development and function including systematic metabolism and mitochondrial-dependent energy balance. His work has had translational impact in how obesity and diabetes are treated, as well as advances in cancer metabolism.

    “I am very honored to receive this award. I believe that providing good mentorship for the next generation of scientists is good for science, good for our society and good for our Dana-Farber laboratories,"  said Spiegelman.

    Spiegelman is also the Stanley J. Korsmeyer Professor of Cell Biology and Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

    Seven other awards were announced by the ADA including academics, health care providers and educators who have contributed to tangible advances in the field of diabetes care and research. Each of the recipients have unwavering dedication to achieving the mission of the ADA: life free of diabetes and all its burdens.

    “I am thrilled to recognize the eight remarkable individuals receiving the ADA’s National Scientific and Health Care Achievement Awards,” said Tracey D. Brown, Chief Executive Officer of the ADA. “With more than 122 million Americans living with diabetes and prediabetes, it is critical that innovative and dedicated professionals continue to devote their careers to ending this epidemic. Although our awardees come from a variety of educational backgrounds and institutions, they have one very important thing in common: they are helping us move the needle and create real change in the lives of millions. We are grateful for their continued commitment to helping those living with diabetes thrive.”

    The ADA award recipients will be recognized at a ceremony to take place at the ADA’s 81st Virtual Scientific Sessions on June 25-29, 2021.

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